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Age Group

Age group triathlon accounts for a majority of the provincial participation. Triathlon is a unique sport where age group athletes often compete on the same course and same time as the elite field

Age group athletes are defined under the Triathlon Canada Long Term Athlete Development Model as in the Active for Life stream. This means they look for the multiple beneficial aspects of the triathlon experience; commitment to a personal goal, a healthy lifestyle, enjoying the great outdoors, improving one’s fitness, competition (for some), and being around and enjoying a large group of positive people.

In a study on the demographics of the triathlete, the USAT concluded “triathletes do, in fact, exhibit “tribal” traits such as fierce loyalty, dedication, enthusiasm, and a burning desire to see their sport succeed.”  You will find this true of our age group triathlon community in Saskatchewan.

The foundation of activities for triathlon in Saskatchewan comes through age group events and races. Our provincial triathlon clubs operate all Triathlon Saskatchewan sanctioned races in Saskatchewan. The clubs also host training and social events throughout the year.


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