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Triathlon Saskatchewan is committed to the development of youth, junior and U23 athletes. Head coach, Brendan Mackenzie, coaches athletes based out of Regina, while the rest of the team trains with there own coaches around the province with guidance from Brendan. The team meets up through out the year for camps and races.

Athlete Standards (reviewed annually)

Age Categories:  13 – 15 years; 16 – 19 years; Under 23; and Elite (24 plus years)

In order to receive funding, athletes must meet the policy criteria as outlined below:

  • The athlete must be a member in good standing of Triathlon Saskatchewan.
  • The athlete must be a Saskatchewan resident – an active current Saskatchewan health card is proof of residency.
  • The athlete must not belong to a Triathlon Canada provincial sanctioning body other than Triathlon Saskatchewan.  Race day memberships are permitted.
  • The athlete must be a Canadian citizen.
  • The age of the athlete is calculated using December 31st of the current competition year.
  • The athlete must compete in the sport of triathlon at the levels identified below:
  1. 13-15 yrs. – compete at the provincial race (when offered) and at a draft legal level.
  2. 16 – 19 yrs. – compete at the Junior Elite level.
  3. U23/24+ – compete at the Elite level and apply to Triathlon Canada and receive a Triathlon Canada International Competition Card.

All athletes who make the time standards must further demonstrate draft legal cycling skills and that they are able to ride safely with a draft legal bike pack.  These skills may be demonstrated at a provincial level clinic or at a group bike workout upon request of the provincial coach.

Events eligible for funding

Triathlon Saskatchewan approved training camps:  Athletes are guaranteed funding for one extended (more than 5 days) and Triathlon Saskatchewan operated training camp.  Request for funding for additional camps must be submitted to the Provincial Coach two (2) weeks prior to the camp start date for consideration.   The Request for Camp Approval  (Appendix D) must include:

  • camp dates and locations
  • coach(es) and NCCP certification levels
  • camp training schedule outline
  • camp goals
  • how the camp will benefit the athlete and how the camp goals are aligned with the athlete’s season goals.


  • 13-15 (2 out-of-province races – this is in addition to the National Championships)
  • 16-19, U23/24+ (up to 3 races in the Junior Elite Series,  up to 3 Continental or  World Cups – this is in addition to the national championship event

Distribution of funds is at the discretion of the Triathlon Saskatchewan board of directors.)

Proof of performance

Athletes must provide proof of performance to the Provincial Coach by submitting either of the following:

  1. A copy of official results from sanctioned swim meets, track meets, or road races  – OR
  2. Time trial results.  Prior approval for acceptance of times from time trials must be received.  Applicants must submit a request to the provincial coach or the Executive Director. Please submit the following information:
  • date and time of  the planned time trial.
  • name of venue and venue details (ex. length of pool/track, indoor/outdoor).
  • details of event (ex. type of start, are lane ropes used, number of timers per lane).

Note that only one swimmer per lane is allowed and TT’s must be run on an approved track/pool.

Exemption Requests

Athletes who have met standards in the previous year, may apply to the provincial coach to be exempted from meeting current year standards based on injury, or other unforeseen circumstances.  The athlete will be required to send by email, the exemption request containing an explanation of the circumstances to the board of directors for review.  If approval is given, the athlete may receive the same funding level support as per the previous year.  Athletes will be required to meet the current standards at a later date.  All exemption requests are considered on a case-by-case basis.

​Athletes must meet time standards within the training year (Sept. – Aug.)

Time standards may be adjusted each year.  They will be posted on the STAC website prior to Oct. 31.

High Performance Time Standards (H)

  • Swim standards are based on 95% of Triathlon Canada’s Gold Medal Profile age adjusted times.
  • Run standards are based on 85% of Triathlon Canada’s Gold Medal Profile age adjusted times.
  • Junior competitors (16 – 19 yrs.) may achieve standard in either the 3k or 5k run.
  • U23/Senior (20 yrs. +) may achieve standard in the 3k, 5k or 10k run.
  • For information on ICC’s see Triathlon Canada’s website
2021 Coach Assistance

Athlete Bios

Brennan Smith

Brennan Smith

Brennan grew up in the Regina, where triathlon plays a poor cousin to curling, hockey, baseball, and football. Growing up, he swam on a swim team, cycled with a cycling club and ran with a track club. Brennan Says, “I appreciate the great start all my Regina coaches gave me.” At 15, he got the opportunity to move to beautiful Victoria, BC to pursue his triathlon goals. In the fall of 2017 Brennan moved to Brisbane Australia to train with Warwick Dalziel and the “Waz squad”. Brennen has completed in 5 ITU World Championship and meddled in 3 of them including a Gold in 2017 U23 Aquathlon World Championships. Brennen has represented Canada at 30 Elite men’s level triathlons. He has raced 20 different countries!!! This year he was signed this year to a 1 St division French Grand Prix Triathlon team. Brennan is continuing to work towards his dream of representing Canada at an Olympic Games.


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