Triathlon Saskatchewan Membership Drive

Membership Drive
Triathlon Saskatchewan along with our 3 largest clubs, the P.A Tri Club, the Saskatoon Tri Club and the Regina Multisport Club have almost $ 10,000.00 in prizes including 2 brand new Wahoo Kickrs!
We are cautiously optimistic that we will be able to provide events later this year as the pandemic gets brought under control.
Take this opportunity to renew your membership, you can choose your price and you will automatically be entered to win… it’s that simple.
Triathlon Saskatchewan, Triathlon Canada and our provincial clubs are all doing everything we can to be ready for go time.
We will be very active getting our membership drive message out over the next couple of weeks.
We are very excited to grow the Triathlon Saskatchewan membership despite the pandemic!

Ways to enter

  1. Become a Tris Sask member before February 13, 2021 2 entries
  2. Become a Club Member before February 13, 2021  2 additional entries (along with being a Tri Sask Member)
  3. Recruit a friend (who enters your name when Registering before February 13, 2021) additional entry
  4. Social media: Each week share our weekly message 1 additional entry per social media platform (using platforms, Instagram, twitter and facebook)… earn 3 additional entries per week!

Additional Entries(1 extra entry per)
1) Feb 4 7:00pm RMC / Endurance Journey Q & A with Coach Patrick Ash
Click here to join
2) Join the Zwift session Saturday Feb 6 or Saturday Feb 13, 8:00am
Saturday Zwift Rides – 8am Click here for details

3) Join the Vickie Keith Session on February 10
Register here
4) Like any of our facebook posts between Jan 1 and Feb 13, 1 entry per like!

How can you loose?  Become a TriSask Member today!


  1. I bought my membership way back in October, am I entered?  Absolutely! All 2020-2021 Tri Sask members are entered so long as the purchase their membership before  midnight Feb 13
  2. I am a club member but not a Tri Sask member, am I entered?  You must be a Tri Sask member before midnight Feb 13 to be eligible, club memberships give you additional entries, but you must be a Tri Sask member to be eligible for any of the prizes.
  3.  What about kids. Are the eligible?  Absolutely so enter the whole family!  Prizes will be awarded to the guardian.
  4. When will the Club draws be done?  That is up to the clubs for the club prizes, P.A Tri Club has been giving out weekly prizes, RMC will be giving out prizes at various club events.
  5. When will the Kickrs be drawn?  The 1st one will be drawn on Feb 14 at 2:00pm, The second one will be drawn at our AGM in March.


Don’t have your 2021 membership? get it now


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