Triathlon Saskatchewan Hosts Club Retreat

In mid February, the boards and staff of Triathlon Saskatchewan and Clubs representing Regina, Saskatoon, Wolseley and Prince Albert Triathlon Clubs came together to re-connect, foster trust and goodwill, and a spirit of collaboration to ensure 2023 is our best season yet. Key objectives of the retreat were:

  • Increase our understanding and attempted to build productive relationships with each other.
  • Share our purposes, plans, and priorities to advance triathlon in our communities, province, and country.
  • Review funding and policy frameworks for the regulation of sport and triathlon in Canada, Saskatchewan, and local communities.
  • Increase knowledge and skills regarding basic financial management and accountability requirements, event sanctioning and grant (MAP) funding.
  • Create goals for and a calendar of 2023 sanctioned programs and events.

In April, a monthly meeting of Club Presidents will begin to advance the work and address challenges collaboratively.


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