Triathlon Saskatchewan Adopts Safe Sport

Our number one priority at Triathlon Saskatchewan is the safety of the triathlon community who participate in our programs. We value a safe and positive environment for the triathlon community, support equal opportunity and an environment in which individuals are treated with respect and fairness, and we prohibit discriminatory practices. We have strict protocols and procedures in place to safeguard all who participate in our sport at all levels  from recreational to high performance. These protocols include a code of conduct that directly addresses harassment of any kind, and the requirement for criminal record and vulnerable sector checks for our staff working with vulnerable members of society.

In support of a safe environment, Triathlon Saskatchewan has adopted Safe Sport. Safe Sport strives to ensure a fun, healthy, inclusive and safe environment.  Safe Sport combines education, prevention and response supported by strong governance, policies and procedures.  If you have been a victim of or witness to harassment or discrimination, please reach out to the independent third party case manager designated to receive your complaint and consider contacting the Canadian Sport Helpline.


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