RMC is hosting provincial Zwift rides!

Lets get Zwifting
Welcome to our weekly rides

Date: Saturdays
Time: 8am (you can join the ride 5min prior)
Place: From the Comforts of your own home
Duration: 1.5hrs
Have you missed training with your friends! So have we!!  Regina Multisport Club (RMC) has been trying to find ways to stay in touch, do some training and have a little fun! Are you familiar with ZWIFT?  We hope so, but if not, no worries! Zwift offers 25km free trials. Most Excellent!   We have started hosting weekly group rides that cater for all abilities.  The beauty of Zwift is that riders are tethered and ride together, so all abilities are welcome. Confused yet? Trust me, you’ll love it.

What do I need?
1.Subscription to Zwift (there is a 25km free trial) after that it is $18.99 a month
2.Indoor trainer – smart or dumb
3.Zwift Companion App (free download with Apple or Android)
You’ll need to follow “Mark Gibson RMC” via Zwift Companion App for him to add you into the group ride.
Make it easier for Mark to follow you and add RMC after your name.
4.Download the Discord App join the RMC Chat https://discord.gg/KtHmduVk (invite will expire in 24 hours) (don’t worry if you miss this one we can send another). You’ll be able to chat with other riders and complain about the hills!
Day of the ride join the general chat there are three options for chatting
Regular Voice
Push to talk
Mute Call until you want to say something
Any questions or tech queries please email me rmcindoorcycling@gmail.com or 306 540 8110.  No question is too basic. Really, we mean it.

If you have any challenges give Mark a shout and he will be glad to help walk you through it.

Once you have downloaded the Zwift Companion App go to More and then find Zwifters.  Search for Mark Gibson, you may need to scroll down for a bit but you will find a Canadian Mark Gibson with Mark’s photo.  Once you find him follow him then he can add you to the meetups.
*Pro Tip – add RMC after your last name on your zwift and make you easier to find to other RMC members.
When its time to ride load up Zwift you will see you Meetups in the top right of the screen.  all you have to do now if start a ride and it will automatically send you to your meetup.  You can join the ride 5 minutes early or a half hour late.
Find more info about zwifts check out https://zwift.com/ca/get-zwifting 
Down the Discord App this is a free app.  From here use the link we sent you to join the RMC chat https://discord.gg/KtHmduVk 
Once you are in the RMC chat when its time to ride go to Voice Channels go to general and join voice chat and you are in.
On the day of the ride join the general chat there are three options for chatting
Regular Voice
Push to talk
Mute Call until you want to say something 
Any questions or tech queries email mgibson306@gmail.com
or  call or text 306 540 8110.
No question is too basic.
Really, we mean it.
Stay Tuned we will be setting up a Zoom Q&A session for setting up Zwift and Discord so we will be primed and ready to ride on Saturday.


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